2018 Calendar

A new season

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

The Scottish Calendar for our new season is out. 

You can find it in several places:

  1. It is available at a PDF on our website that you can either view online or download and print -
  2. It is available as google calendar you can add to our own electronic diary or view on the front page of the Scottish website -
  3. Api’s weekly news emails contain all upcoming events, including many that are not on our calendar.
  4. Our public Facebook page and private Facebook group contain events and discussions about upcoming races and training sessions -

The season calendar is not final and we will continue to update all these calendars as the year progresses.

If you want the latest info you can always contact club programme manager Stephen Day or club captains ins Lindsay Barwick and Rowan Hooper. They will have the venues and times for weekly training runs, Saturday speed sessions and Sunday long runs.

A quick intro to the first month of the season

Officially, the Track and Field season does not finish until the week before Easter and our new season starts after that.

But we are not going to wait until then to get started. We will have friendly club runs leaving from the carpark outside Freyberg Pool at 8:30am on Sunday 4 March, 11 March and 18 March. We will try to make sure there are packs of several different speeds and distances each day. On 25 March we will have a Sunday morning run from our club rooms in Mt Cook.

On Sat 17 March is the Wellington 10,000 metre champs at Newtown Park and Sat 24 is the 5,000 metre champs at the same venue. Both of these events make up the Scottish Summer 5km/10km Double.

We will also try to organise a friendly jog from Newtown Park those two afternoons for people who are not racing. Come along for a training run then cheer your teammates as they race on the track.

Our first two official events of the season are the Centennial Cup on 7 April and the McVilly Shield relay on 14 April. Both these events are open to anyone including non-club members, friends, family and people who are interested in running.

The Centennial Cup is a flat 5km road race around Island Bay. It is a sealed handicap race, which means that everyone’s time is handicapped so that theoretically you should all finish with the same time – but you don’t know what your handicap is until after the race.

The McVilly Shield relay is another fun event where we divide people into random teams of 3 or 4 with each person in the team running 1 or 2 kilometres of cross-country. It goes through the trails and fields of Houghton Valley.


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