SUNDAY 22th MAY 2016 at 10am

Event date: 22/05/2016 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM Export event

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths
Once again a fine day out in Trentham with firm running conditions underfoot for the running of this event. The rain stayed away and the sun shone brightly until about 30 minutes after the last participant finished - phew!

The Scottish open men (Glen Wallis, Michael Wray, James Turner, Peter Kelly, Bill Twiss) were unable to defend their title. Trentham fielded a strong team in which Brian Garmonsway established an unassailable lead leaving Scottish in second place throughout.

The Scottish women (Anne Hare, Lyn Clark, Sharon Wray, Jo Badham, Helen Willis) took home the open women's trophy, holding off challenges from Hutt Valley and Olympic.

In the mixed category, it was Hutt Valley that took the honours.

For the age-banded trophies, Hutt Valley and Scottish swapped titles from last year. Hutt Valley won the 250+ aggregate age category, while Scottish took the 300+ with a team of Bob Stephens, Richard Sweetman, Marshall Clark, Maryanne Palmer and Terri Grimmett.

Terri had a busy and successful day, as she was also part of the team that won the open walk for Scottish, along with Peter Baillie and Bob Gardner.

The 150+ age category walk was also won by Scottish (John Palmer, Ian Morton, Phillip Grimmett), who finished ahead of a Scottish B team and two Trentham teams.

Fastest laps for the runners were Brian Garmonsway (Trentham) 13:24 and Michelle van Looy (Olympic) 16:50.  Fastest walkers were Peter Baillie (Scottish) 24:50 and Terri Grimmett (Scottish) 27:30.

A big thank you to those members and non-members who acted as marshals on the day and to Trentham United Harriers for setting out the course and for manning the barbecue – very much appreciated.

To help wash down the sausages, Helen Willis was presented with a chocolate mud cake at prizegiving as Wellington Masters marked Helen's birthday with a surprise celebration.

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