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Prizegiving 2018

List of prizewinners for the year

Congratulations to all the winners of trophies cups and awards for 2018. It has been another successful season for the club and our athletes and our prizegiving is a great opportunity to remember and celebrate some of those successes and efforts during the year.

Handicap trophies

Island Bay

  • Centennial Cup, Open, Amanda Broughton
  • Peter Tearle Walking Trophy, Walk, Daphne Jones and Simon Keller


  • Reeve Cup, B13, MacIntyre Stevens
  • Ladies Sealed Handicap Cup, G13, Eva MacPhee
  • Galashiels Trophy, Open, Claire Jennings
  • Novice CupOpen Novice, Alannah Clark
  • Cole Land Walking Cup, Walk, Chris Watson

Lower Hutt

  • Junior Sealed Handicap Cup, B13, MacIntyre Stevens
  • Piano House Trophy, G13, Nynke Keizer
  • Sir Ian McLellan Cup, M19, Bevan Cox
  • Ballantyne Cup, Open Men, Matyas James
  • Shirley Barton Trophy, Open Women, Mel MacPhee

Evans Bay

  • Junior Boys Sealed Handicap Cup, B13, Matthew Wallis
  • Moffat Cup, G13, Jess Haldane
  • Tanadees Cup, Open Men, Nigel Roberts
  • Arkwright Cup, Open Women, Serena Rudge

Titahi Bay

  • Patrons Cup, B13, MacIntyre Stevens
  • Perth Cup, G13, Theodora Gempton
  • Baudinet Cup, Open Men, Stuart Beresford
  • Ladies Open Handicap Cup, Open Women, Danielle Stevens

Time Trial Handicap Cup, Michael Wray, [Male handicap at Wellington Roads]

Allan Curwen Memorial Trophy, Mel MacPhee [Female handicap over 3 XC races]

Murray Gowans Cup, John Leonard [Closest to their handicap over 4 races]

Club Champions (First, Second, Third)

B9, Inverness Trophy, Archie MacPhee - -

G9, Helen Brierley Trophy, Juliet Street - -


  • Ward Trophy, Quentin Keller - -
  • Old Timers Trophy (CC), Quentin Keller

G11 Aberdeen Cup, Jess Haldane, Scarlet MacPhee, Caitlin Barber


  • Alf Stevens Cup, Echelon Topp, MacIntyre Stevens, Matthew Wallis
  • Johnny Nash Memorial Cup (CC), Echelon Topp

G13, Cotter Phipps Cup, Theodora Gempton, Rose Carruthers, Maaike Day

B15, Garnet Nelson Trophy, Ryan Topp - -


  • Northland Scottish Shield, Dylan Lynch, Bevan Cox, Felix Williamson
  • Robert Lawrie Memorial Cup (CC), Dylan Lynch

M20, Centennial Challenge Cup, Liam Jones - -


  • Gowans Cup, Stephen Day, Valentino Luna-Hernandez, Rowan Hooper
  • VMCC Champion Cup (CC), Stephen Day


  • Masters 50 Trophy, Peter Stevens, Michael Wray, Grant McLean
  • M50 Road Championship Cup, Michael Wray [Road instead of XC]

M60 Hislop Memorial Trophy, Marshall Clark, Jonathon Harper, David Hatfield

M70, M70 Club Championship, Richard Sweetman, John Skinnon, Bob Stephens


  • Masters Womens Trophy, Mel MacPhee, Carla Denneny, Lindsay Barwick
  • VWCC Champion Cup (CC), Carla Denneny

MW50, Masters Womens 50 Trophy, Helen Willis, Claire Jenings, Lyn Clark

MW60, Masters Womens 60 Trophy, Pam Graham, Michele Allison, Loretta Desourdy


  • W, Lonsdale Trophy, Terri Grimmett, Daphne Jones, Arlene Wong-Tung Walk
  • A.E.M. Rowland Trophy, Ian Morton, John Hines, Sean Lake


  • Ladies Commemorative Trophy, Nicole Mitchell, Kate Slater, Tina Faulkner
  • Presidents Cup (XC), Nicole Mitchell

SM, Ballantyne Memorial Shield, Malcolm Hodge, Niam Macdonald-Joslin, Harry Burnard

Jubilee Cup (XC), Niam Macdonald-Joslin

Half Marathon

  • Men, Niam Macdonald-Joslin, Malcolm Hodge, Lucus Duross
  • Women, Clare McKinlay, Bridget Clark, Michele Allison
  • Walk, Sean Lake, John Hines

Other Scottish awards

Best Performances in a Marathon

  • Nick Horspool 2:18:29 - Gold Coast
  • Ruby Muir 2:55.02 - Auckland

Island Bay Trophy - contribution to walking, John Leonard

Attendance badges, Rowan Hooper, Jonathon Harper

The Personality of the Year, Kate Slater

Walking - Best All Rounder, John Hines

Valued Services Trophy, Api Williams

Fred Silver Memorial Trophy, Peter Stevens [for overall interclub performance - Peter 3 x 1st, 1 x 2nd]

Melville Awards

  • Men, Malcolm Hodge
  • Women, Nicole Mitchell
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