Results: CSW Cross Country Relays

Karori Park

Event date: 9/05/2018 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Export event

The 2018 College Sport Wellington Cross Country relays were held at Karori Park on Wednesday 9 May 2018.  Organised by Wellington Scottish Athletic, the 41st annual event attracted 76 teams entries from 19 secondary schools, a total of 376 competitors.

There were new team records for Wellington Girls’ in the U16 Girls grade and Wellington East in the Year 9 Girls grade, and new fastest time for Will Anthony (Scots College) in the U16 Boys grade and Kirstie Rae (Wellington East) equalled the record in the Senior Girls grade.

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Senior Boys Senior Girls
Teams (6 x 2kms) Teams (6 x 2kms)
1st Wellington College 39m17s 1st Wellington East Girls College 31m55s
2nd Wanganui Collegiate School 39m32s 2nd Wellington Girls College 31m57s
3rd Palmerston North BHS 41m17s 3rd Wanganui Collegiate School 32m30s
Fastest Laps (2km) Fastest Laps (2km)
1st L Back (Wanganui) 6m6s 1st K Rae (Wgtn East) 7m9s
2nd M Karamanolis (St Pats Town) 6m9s 2nd L Hegan9Wgtn Girls) 7m11s
3rd P White (Wgtn Boys) 6m14s 3rd E Kozyniak (St Catherines) 7m14s
Under 16 Boys Under 16 Girls
Teams (6 x 2kms) Teams (6 x 2kms)
1st Wellington College 41m53s 1st Wellington Girls College 32m25s
2nd Palmerston North BHS 44m44s 2nd Wanganui Collegiate School 33m43s
3rd Scots College 45m14s 3rd Wellington East Girls College 34m28s
Fastest Laps (2km) Fastest Laps (2km)
1st W Anthony (Scots) 6m21s 1st M Kyle-Ford (Wgtn East) 7m35s
2nd= L Wall (Palmerston North) 6m43s 2nd A Alabaster (Wanganui) 7m39s
2nd= F Williamson (Wgtn Boys) 6m43s 3rd J Hughes (Wgtn Girls) 7m52s
Year 9 Boys Year 9 Girls
Teams (6 x 2kms) Teams (6 x 2kms)
1st Wellington College 45m50s 1st Wellington East Girls College 32m31s
2nd HIBS 46m10s 2nd Queen Margarets College 34m43s
3rd Wellington College 49m04s 3rd Wellington Girls College 35m43s
Fastest Laps (2km) Fastest Laps (2km)
1st J Seeds (HIBS) 7m2s 1st P Nicol (Q Margarets) 7m36s
2nd A Martin (Wgtn Boys) 7m7s 2nd M Wilkinson (Wgtn East) 7m45s
3rd O Baker (Wgtn Boys) 7m20s 3rd A Bassett (Wgtn East) 7m52s

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