Scenic Saturday Run, Tip Track - Red Rocks, 30 August

Based at the Bach Cafe, a reprise of the April XTERRA medium run, at 8am

Event date: 30/08/2014 Export event

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

Glorious day for a scenic run, but only seven lucky people experienced the spring-like conditions:  Arron, Christine, Dave, Howard, Ross, Don and Paul.  We took a leisurely 2h to cover 16k (including sight-seeing pauses).

Meet at the Bach Café (410 The Esplanade, about half a kilometre east of the end of Happy Valley Road) at 8am on Saturday, 30 August.  We'll head up Happy Valley Road, sprint up the Tip Track and peel off near the top to descend along the ridge to the beach and the return along the Coastal Track to the Red Rock Interpretation Centre and eventually to the Bach Café for a coffee. 

I make it about 16k (with a few hills) and it takes 1h50-2h.  We could mix it up and do the loop the other way around. Wicked. On a clear day you can smile at the snow on the Kaikoura Ranges. 

Those wanting more are welcome to attempt the long course (Te Kopahou and the Hawkins Hill ridge): that'll give you about 24k and take 2h30ish.  That way, you get the Kaikouras from two different angles.

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