Scottish News 8 November 2018

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  • 550 m2
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Hi all,

After many years of volunteering Api has stepped down from sending the weekly Scottish email. I'm cautiously hopping into his shoes. I'll try to provide all the same information but I'll probably shift to sending this email on Mondays rather than Thursdays and combine it with the captains' email you get from Lindsay and Rowan.

In this bulletin:

Options for the week

  • Thursday, 5.30pm. Evening run from Kupe Statue - contact Lindsay and Rowanfor info
  • Saturday, 3.00pm. Clubs Track and Field 'A' Meet at Newtown Park - website(note start time delayed by 90 mins to 3 pm)
  • Saturday, 4.45pm. The Agency Group 10,000m Races at Newtown Park - Facebook
  • Saturday 8.00am. Remutaka Railtrail (sold out) - website
  • Sunday Long Run - details to be confirmed by Lindsay and Rowan
  • Tuesday 5.00pm. Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront - Facebook
  • Wednesday 6.15pm. Scottish track workout - contact Andy or Chand for details

Around the tracks (results)

  • Lyn Clark was the third woman, and also the winner of the women’s Super Vet category in the Aorangi Undulator, in a time of 6 hrs 22 minutes. This is also an improvement of around 15 minutes on her previous best time. Event Info and results
  • Sam McCutcheon ran 2.28.03 for 8th at the French Riveria Marathon - Instagram
  • Jaime Vessiot ran the Taniwha off road Marathon in 4.32.31 - a 19min marathon PB and Nico Vessiot did the half marathon in 1.58.19 - Results
  • Marketa Langova was the fastest female runners at the Wellington Masters 10km race with Christine Jones best on age-grade - Results
  • Despite the wind, a bunch of Scottish athletes ran PBs at the Waterfront 5km on Tuesday including Alistair Collow, Kate Slater (sub 20), Chris Howard, Giovanni De Francesco, Claire McKinley and Lindsay Young - Results
  • Nicholas Bagnall placed 2nd overall and was first master in the Feilding Marathon in a new PB of 3.10.18. Liam Harker backed up his Auckland half last week with another half marathon in 1:35:31. Dan Rakic finished just behind in a PB 1.37.36 - Results

Upcoming events

Agency Group 10,000m

Entries are now closed for the 10,000m Night of PBs. Come along to cheer for your club mates and some of New Zealand's best runners from around the country as they try to run a PB or, in some cases, qualify for the World Cross Country Championships. There will be a coffee stand food cart, massage table, bar with craft beer and commentary. Three big races. 4.45pm, 6.00pm and 7.00pm. - Facebook event

2018-19 Waterfront 5k Summer Series, Tuesday

The 5k Summer series runs every Tuesday evening, 5.45pm, from Mac's Brewbar. Come and join us for a post-work fun run on Wellington's amazing inner city waterfront.
Registration from 5pm at Mac's Brewbar, Taranaki Wharf, Race starts 5:45pm for everyone. And prizegiving: 6:20pm at Macs Brewbar

P Team World Mountain Running Championships

The 2018 edition of the P-Team World Mountain Running Champs will take place at 2pm on Saturday, 1 December. The course: the same as always. Meet at the bottom of the Tip Track at 1.50. Start at the bottom of the tip track at 2pm; have a mince pie and beer; run up the Tip Track to the radar station; have another beer; run down to the wind turbine. How to enter: Let us know via Facebook or email Karl Woodhead.

If you need something other than a pie and/or beer, let us know and we'll work out the alternative. If you want to come and run but not with the nutrition of the pie and beer, then definitely join us! This isn't just for club members, so tell your friends and get them to contact Karl (So he can warm the appropriate number of pies)

Night of Miles

The Lifestyle Sports Scottish Night of Miles is an annual event organised by Wellington Scottish Running Club. It is a unique event full of Christmas fun and features races over the rarely run distance of one mile. The afternoon at the Basin Reserve consists of a mix of children's, senior and junior races, fun social events and serious events. Highlights are the mile races. There are several different mile races including elite men's and women's races and an all-comers mile that anyone can participate in (including Father Christmas).

Each year we collect donations from athletes and spectators then hand them on to a local Wellington charity. This year's charity is Bellyful NZ. Bellyful provides meals for families with newborn babies and families with young children who are struggling with illness.

Wellington Scottish Summer Champs

We figured it would be a bit of fun to have an unofficial Scottish Summer Champs so as to keep the momentum going from what has been a great winter, encourage people to attend certain events (as racing is always more fun when there are more of you) and to encourage people to give new events a go. This year we have even added a bit more spice by having prizes (sort of). Also a big thanks to Alasdair who will be working out everyone's results. Here is how it works:


  • You need to run 3 events between 1 Nov and 28 Feb
  • The 3 events must include events from 2 of the 4 categories (track, road, trail and wildcard)
  • You get bonus points for running extra races
  • Everyone competes against everyone else – the summer champs will not have different grades for men, women, juniors, masters etc.


  • Points are earned at each race according age-grade performance ( Your age-graded score is the ratio of the approximate world-record time for your age and gender divided by your actual time. E.g. A 45 year-old woman running 5k in 21:00 would score 74.84 points. A 35 year-old man who ran the same time would score 63.17 points.
  • To age-grade the Holdsworth/Jumbo, times will be converted to equivalent half-marathon performance and then age-graded.
  • 2 points for every additional race beyond 3
  • Top 5 performances for each event will score extra points (from 1 to 5)

Prize Giving

  • We will announce official results on March 5th (Tuesday), but will have regular updates.
  • Prize Giving will be at the Macs Brewbar on the 5th of March after the Waterfront 5km.
  • There will be $50 Macs Brewbar vouchers for our 3 place getters. However there is a catch, you have to be there to claim otherwise said voucher will be spent by those who do turn up.


  • Track - Scottish Night of Miles (only the mile counts) on 8 Dec, November Regional Track Meet at Newtown on 17 Nov, Wellington Centre Champs (weekend of 2-3 of Feb, any event 800m or above)
  • Road - Round the Bays (any event) on 17 Feb, Waterfront 5km (your fastest time over Nov - Feb), Pelorus Trust on the 25 Nov
  • Trail - Rimutaka Incline on the 10 Nov, Jumbo Holdsworth on the 26th of Jan, Hutt River Trail Event (any event) on the 12 Jan
  • Wildcard - the 10,000m this weekend

That means there are 3 chances to get points this week (Waterfront 5km, 10,000m and the Rimutaka Incline)


Tent and tea volunteers needed

Those of you who were at prizegiving will know that two of our longstanding volunteers have stood down from their roles.

Ross Lake is handing over his tent duties and Helen Willis is passing on the afternoon tea duties.

So, we need two new volunteers:

The tent person needs to come along to interclub events and erect the tent at the start of the day and take it home at the end of the day. There are five interclub events where the tent appears (Shaw Baton, Uni Relay, Dorne Cup, Wgtn XC and Wgtn Roads). If Ross's boots seem too big for one person to fill another option is that we create a roster where five people commit to taking down the tent at the end of the day, storing it for a few weeks/months, and then erecting it first thing at the next event. Then they hand over the tent-minding duties to the next person on the roster who takes it home at the end of the day. We would need five people to make this work. Sharon is currently investigating getting a newer, yellower, lighter, easier-to-pack tent covered in red lions - which might make the job easier.

The tea-making a person needs to make sure that afternoon tea is available at each Saturday afternoon run (pack runs and club handicap races). There is a budget to replenish the tea and bikkie stocks. Again, if Helen's boots seem too big to fill we could consider a roster system and the volunteers will need to be reliably committed to turning up for their shift.

if you can help in any way with either of these tasks please let me know.

Help for the Agency Group 10,000

For the 10,000m races this Saturday we've got permission from Athletics Wellington to build a little spectator section out of hurdles on the track if we want. This will let spectators get right up close to the runners to shout encouragement and create atmosphere. But we need to get a couple of people 'policing' it to make sure there is no food and drink in it. Would anyone be keen to help?

Summer track and field memberships

Summer track and field memberships to Scottish are now available for a discounted $110. Get involved in track and field at Newtown Park.

Our annual season is half over, but track and field season has only just started. You can join us and take part for a reduced membership subscription of $110.

Go to our online portal to join.

NOTE: If you are already a full member of Scottish, that membership already covers you for the summer track and field season.

Events calendar

10 - Club Meet A, Newtown Park, 3pm

10 - The Agency Group 10k Invitational, Newtown, 4.45pm (Details above)

10 - Rimutaka Railway Fun Run and Walk, 21km, 14km and 7km off-road, Kaitoke Kart Track

13 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook

14 - Wellington Corporate Challenge, Waitangi Park, Wellington

17 - Regional League 3, track and field, Newtown

18 - Junior Interclub 2, Newtown

18 - The Honest 10. 10k and 5k accurately measured fun run, winter season from Freyberg Pool

20 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook

23-25 - North Island Masters Track & Field Champs, Newtown

24 - Club Meet B, Venue TBC (Details above)

25 - Pelorus Marathon, Half, 10km, Kids Mile

27 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook

28 - Splash & Dash Race 1: 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 3km Run. Registration Opens 5.00pm, Freyberg Pool


1 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

1 - P Team World Mountain Running Championships - 2pm

4 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook

5 - The Great NZ Santa Run, Frank Kitts Park, Wellington is a 2-3km fun run/walk in a santa suit

8 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

11 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook

12 - Splash & Dash Race 2: 150m, 400m or 730m Swim, 4km Run. Registration Opens 5.00pm, Freyberg Pool

15 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

18 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook

22 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

25 - Merry Christmas!

29 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

Keep in touch with the club via:


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