Scottish Weekly News 18 February 2019

Lots of new members join our club!

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

In this bulletin:

  • Options for the week
  • Around the tracks (results)
  • From the captains
  • Upcoming events
  • Notices
  • Events calendar

Options for the week

  • Tuesday 5.00pm. Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront - Facebook.
  • Wednesday 6.15pm. Scottish Track Workout, Newtown Park - contact Andy or Chand for details
  • Thursday 5.30pm. Evening run from Kupe Statue - contact Lindsay and Rowan for info
  • Saturday, 8.00am, Scottish Track Workout, Newtown Park - contact Andy or Chand for details
  • Saturday, 8.00am, Lower Hutt 5km Parkrun, Porirua 5km Parkrun, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkrun
  • Sunday 8.30am, Outside Freyberg Pool Sunday Run - contact Lindsay and Ben for info
  • Sunday 10.00am Track and Field Senior and Junior Interclub 6, Newtown Park. (There is not much information about this yet. Hopefully more will follow from Athletics Wellington later in the week)

Around the tracks (results)

  • Sam Hyde-Smith ran 3:55.34 in the 1500m at the NZ Distance Carnival and 10,000m championships in Auckland. Seamus Kane broke 4 minutes for the first time with a PB of 3:59.34. Hiro Tanimoto ran 4.21.05. Evan Cooper did a great job pacing one of the races. Michael Wray won the NZ Masters 10,000m title but I can't find his time online yet.
  • Ben reports on Round the Bays: In the ½ - 1st DJ (1:09 - ft. a 15k warm-up), 2nd Bert P (1:11), 3rd Kday (1:11 – did you hear that he ‘forgot’ his Scottish singlet?!), 4th myself (1:12), 5th Matt Moloney (1:12 – your company was a lifesaver), 6thHarry, 7th Jerome (1:15), 9th Al Saunders (1:16), 11th Matt Bonner (1:17 – huge PB), 12th Chris Mac (1:17), 17th Walter Somerville (1:19:59), 20th Stephen Bass (1:20), Dion G (1:28), Chris Howard (1:28), Ben C (1:29 – great effort post Tarawera!), Sam Ellison (1:38), Nicolas Vessiot (1:39), Peter Parker (1:47) and Alistair Collow (2:00). In the 10km - 3rd Paul B (36:17 – for about 11.5km), Tim Judge (39:06), Michael Cummins (42:25), Iain Shaw (42:30) and Liam Harker (1:11). And in the 6.5km – 1st Hiro (20:28 – backing up from Auckland the night before!), 4th Dougal (21:06 – classic last minute entry), 5th Andy W, 6th Andy Ford (22:06), Andrew Kerr (23:11), Dean Galt (31:27) and Gerard Gordon (36:16). Plenty of pacing and lead biking going on from others, as well – nice work guys.
  • And Lindsay's report: Mel Aitken won the half in 1.22, backing up her Tarawera 50k win last weekend. Betty Harp was 1st in 50-59 age group in 1.38, Clare McKinlay ran 1.41 and Emma Sturmfels 1.44 on debut, Marketa Langova 1.59. Nicole Mitchell won the 10k in 37.12 with Lindsay Barwick 2nd in 38.29. Emma Bassett ran 42.58, Kristin Dovey 45.22, Jaime Vessiot 46.13 (PB), Herms Townsley 49.44, Alannah Clark 50.46, Pam Graham 52.48 (1st over 70). Karen Jenkinson and Heather Ward ran the 6.5km in 54mins. Fiona and Spike Hayvice were about but not in the results and Michelle Knight finished in 45mins. Amanda Broughton won the 6.5k buggy race with lion cub in 28.41 looking exceptional. - Results and Photos and write-up
  • Paul Rodway also deserves a special mention – 1st in the 70+ age group at the Challenge Wanaka Half Ironman in 6:27. What a champ - Results
  • Waterfront 5km - Results

From the captains:

  • Now that Round the Bays is over, we move onto our next big event - the Wellington 5,000m track champs on March 30th. Get this in your diaries, we want a sea of yellow on the track for the final club meet of the season - Lindsay
  • Now that we are starting to head into the winter season, a reminder to get involved in the regular runs on offer – the Waterfront 5k, Wednesday night track, Thursday from Kupe, Saturday AM at Karori Park or the track, and the Sunday long run. Keep an eye on Facebook for details, or flick me a message if you have any specific queries - Ben

Upcoming events

Sunday Runs

  • To kick off the new season we will be running from Freyberg Pool for the next three Sundays, 8.30am. These will be friendly pack runs at a variety of paces and distances. Bring a friend to introduce them to Scottish, make the most of Oriental Bay while it is still summer, start the on-the-run discussions about our first interclub races - Shaw Baton Relay and University Relay.

2018-19 Waterfront 5k Summer Series, Tuesdays

  • The Waterfront 5k Summer series runs every Tuesday evening, 5.45pm, from Mac's Brewbar. Come and join us for a post-work fun run on Wellington's amazing inner city waterfront.

McVilly Shield - 16 March

  • This year the McVilly Shield will be slightly different format. We will hold it at Karori Park on Saturday Morning. We will put people in relays teams of three people each. Everyone can participate, runners, walkers, J Team, seniors masters and friends of the club. Each team must do 10 laps of Karori Park. No individual team member can do more than 4 laps. But you can do the laps in any order you like. For instance, you could run 4 laps in a row or you could do one lap, then hand the baton over to someone else in your team, then take the baton and do another lap... The race will be randomly handicapped as it has been in previous years. The Karori Park Cafe will be open during and afterwards.

Wellington 5000m Champs - 30 March

  • The Wellington 5000m champs are the last track and field event of the summer. Normally Scottish has a big turnout for this event and it is a great opportunity to run a fast 5km time in a big group of runners.


Welcome to new members

  • Welcome to the following new members who joined us at Round the Bays this year: Holly Barclay, Samantha Mildon, Conor Doherty-Craig, Kate Breach, Catherine Doherty, Erin Moriarty, Lucy Fauth, Katie Murphy, Emma Wharam, Ashleigh Wharam, Bill Wang, Walter Somerville, Joanna Cook, Matt Coles, Jack Robinson, Murray Grant, Andy John, Steve Aitken, and Conor Bryant!
  • Welcome back also to London-based Paul Martelletti (who ran 2.17 at the Berlin Marathon last year).

Summer Series Update:

  • From Rowan: We have been keeping an eye on your results over the summer and with only a couple of weeks remaining figured it was time to give you an update. We have yet to add the Round the Bays or the Waterfront 5km results, but so far Andrew Wharton, Michael Wray, Mel Aitken, Alasdair Saunders, Andrew Kerr, Stephen Bass, Emma Bassett and Chris Howard have got to the magic 3 events. Special mention to Andrew who currently has a healthy lead and to Alasdair who has knocked off 4 events. Expecting a flurry of runners hitting the 3 mark in the next couple of weeks, as 29 of you are just one race short (and as mentioned we haven't yet scored the Round the Bays or the Waterfront 5km as yet).

Key things to point out

  • We don't have results for the Hutt Trails events, or the all-comers miles (or walkers) at the night of miles. So if you want these results added please let us know what time you ran.
  • We do our best, but a good chance to we have missed the odd result, so do go onto our Facebook page where we will upload the results so you can check.
  • We will update with the Round the Bays results and your best Waterfront 5km at the end of the month.
  • And on the 12th of March (after the Waterfront 5km) we will celebrate the results (and where I [as in Rowan] will be having a few beers to celebrate the start of Ben's captaincy reign and the end of me having tricky selection decisions to make).

Round the Bays Recruitment Special - Save $20

  • We are offering $20 off the yearly adult membership fee to anyone who joins or rejoins the club on the day of Round the Bays (and pays within the week). So look for our tent at the finish, join early and save. If you are not at Round the Bays you can still get the discount by emailing on or before the day.
  • If you sign up an adult friend who is a new member to the club or has not been a member for the last five years, we will give both you and your friend $15 off your membership fees. If you sign up two friends who are new to the club you get two lots of $15 off your membership fee. And so on.

Join the Athletics Wellington Board

  • Athletics Wellington is looking for new board members. If you have exciting ideas about how you would like to see athletics and running happen in Wellington, or want to get some experience on a board, or have useful skills you can offer please consider helping. Contact Michael Wray for more details.

Fundraising for Nick Horspool's trip to World Cross Country

  • Athletics NZ has recently announced a team of 21 athletes to represent NZ at the 2019 World Cross Country Champs, which will be held in Denmark on 30 March. And we are extremely proud that one of our own members Nick Horspool has been selected.
  • Nick ran a fantastic sub 30min 10km race at Newtown Park last November, to cement his place in the team. Nick's selection continues a proud tradition of Scottish members competing at the World XC. The Champs are a truly global event with an incredible depth of talent, led by the Africa nations. This will be an amazing experience for Nick.
  • Now the hard work starts - Nick is training up a storm as he gets himself in the best possible shape for the Championships. And the Scottish Supporters Trust is leading the charge in raising the funds to get Nick to Europe. The trip is unfortunately 100% self-funded, so representing NZ at this prestigious event comes with a $6000 price tag.
  • The Trust raises funds via donations from members. If you are in a position to support the Trust's fundraising campaign with a donation, and thereby help reduce the cost of the trip to Nick, the Trustees (Todd Stevens, Glen Wallis, James Turner) would love to hear from you. Donations of any amount will be gratefully received and can be deposited into the Trust's bank account (38-9006-0470186-00). Add your name and WXC as a reference, and you will be sent a tax receipt (donations qualify for a 33% tax rebate).

Club AGM

  • The Wellington Scottish AGM will be on Wednesday 6 March, 6pm at the Cricket Club at Anderson Park in the Botanic Gardens.

2019 Calendar

  • A draft version of the 2019 Calendar is available online. You can see it at this link. I am also slowly copying it across to our Google Calendar on the front of the website - so I recommend you sync it to your own electronic diary. See the Facebook group for more detailed discussion of the new events on the calendar.

Events calendar


19 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook

20 - Splash and Dash 6, Freyberg Beach, 6.10pm onwards

23 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

24 - Senior and Junior Interclub 6, Newtown Park, 10am

26 - Wellington Waterfront 5k Series, Mac’s Brewbar, Waterfront, 5.00pm Facebook


2 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

2 - Club Meet A, Newtown Park, 1.30pm

6 - Scottish AGM, venue and time to be announced.

8-10 - NZ Track and Field Championships, Christchurch

9 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

9 - Tararua Mountain Race

16 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

16 - McVilly Shield, 8am, Karori Park

16 - Round The Vines 10km or half marathon, Martinborough Square, 9am

17 - Honest Ten 10km, Evans Bay Wind Needle, 9am

23 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

23 - Xterra West Wind, 18km, 12km or 7.5km, Makara Wind Farm, 9am

23 - Club Meet B, Newtown Park, 1.30pm

30 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

30 - Final Club Meet and Wellington 5000m Championships, Newtown Park, 1.30pm

31 - Gully Gutbuster, Paparangi School, 9am


6 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

6 - Scottish Opening Day and Centennial Cup, 1.45pm, St Hilda's Church, Island Bay

13 - Lower Hutt 5km Parkruns, Porirua 5km Parkruns, Kapiti Coast 5km Parkruns – 8am

13 - NZ and Wellington Mountain Running Championships, Wainuiomata

13 - Plunket Fun Run, Remutaka Incline

14 - Xterra Orongorongo, 20km, 12km or 7km, Makara Wind Farm, 9am

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