Top Club 2018!

Champions at the Christchurch to Akaroa Relay

  • 650.000 USD
  • 550 m2
  • 5 rooms
  • 2 baths

What a weekend! There were plenty of highs and just a few lows.

Among the lows was Hamish who caught a vomiting bug, a number of members whose flight got cancelled so travelled to Dunedin and then hired a car to Christchurch to finally arrive at 3:45am.


The highs included:

  • 16 teams plus supporters
  • Our depth in SW, SM and MM40 who fielded multiple teams
  • Our results against all odds including Top Club award (the twelfth time since 2001)
  • The decorated vans
  • The huge support for fellow Scottish runners throughout the day
  • The post-relay dinner
  • The baton awarding ceremony at dinner
  • Grant and Paul’s shirts
  • Post-dinner party in town
  • Did I mention the Top Club award?
  • Not sure if this is a high or low, but there were a few hangovers on Sunday morning


  • SW1 - 3rd - Tina, Nicole, Carla, Ruby, Lindsay, Anna, Mel and Ayesha.
  • SW2 - 8th - Emma, Clare, Danielle, Jaime, Kate, Amanda, Naomi, Meg. 
  • SW3 - 9th - Anna, Serena, Danielle, Emma, Amy, Rachael, Lyn, Alannah. 
  • Social A- 17th - Marketa, Karyn, Isobel, Aria, Michelle and Isabel. Marketa and Karyn
  • Social B- 21st - Loretta, Claire, Christine, Karen, Fiona and Sharon. Loretta and Christine
  • SMA - CHAMPIONS!!! Malcolm, Niam, Myself, Kristian, Nick, Harry, Evan and Dan (4-peat)
  • SMB - 4th - Dougal, Lucas, Mark, Bert, Hiro, Matthew, Val and Ben
  • SMC - 1st - Andy, Alasdair, Iain, Michael, Matt, Brad, Geoff and Dave
  • SMD - 8th - Donal, Daniel, Alistair, Patrick, Liam, Dion, Nicholas and James
  • M50 - CHAMPIONS!!! Peter (lap record), Grant, Jim, Phil, William, Dave, James and Michael.
  • MM40A - CHAMPIONS!!! Andrew, Paul, Andrew K, Todd, Levente, Dave, Simon and Stephen (repeat)
  • MM40B - 7th  - Ben, Michael, Chris, Giovanni, Nicholas, Jonathan, Stuart, and Robert/Ben
  • Junior Men - 2nd Dylan, Joel, Seamus, Sam, Joe and Harry
  • M60 - 7th - #2 team John, Api, Marshall, Paul, Jonathan and Pam
  • M60 - 11th - #1 team John, Ross, Ian, Richard, Bob and Catherine
  • Social- 12th - Brendon, John, Mel, Glen, Matt and Don

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